Song of the Tree Frogs

Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 52 min

Phillip and Michael are two brothers who are on a desperate journey to find unconditional love. Their father's rage worsens when he finds a letter revealing that his youngest son may not be his.

Parental Warning: Mature Subjects

Song of the Tree Frogs
Song of the Tree Frogs


Directed byJosh Menning

CastErich Schuett, Mark Henne, Richard Cutting, Shanned Fields, Mark Holmes, Meggie Jenny, Cameron McKendry, Karen Abercrombie, Matthew Ketchum, Kristina Wintersteller, Brian Kadlecik, Theresa Wylie, Stacey Bradshaw, Randy Lee Murphy, Richard Phillis, Dominic Marcellino, Jeffrey SantoDomingo, Lynnz Gonzalez, Debbie Scaletta, Paul Gustovich, Ruth Horner, Josh Menning, Aubrey Unkefer, Isaac Hively, Jordan Wolf, Amy Hanratty, Dara Arthurs, Vitaliy Versace, Yuliya Zelenskaya, Donald Arthurs, Donna Fraley, Joe Morales, Edward Frame, Peggy Bush, Teresa Summers-Crawford

WritingJ. W. Kitson

ProductionJosh Menning, J. W. Kitson, Shannen Fields, Vitaliy Versace, Paul Gustovich, Patricia Tingle, Danielle Menning