Because of Grácia: Trailer

Average rating: 3.3

Two high-school couples explore friendship and dating along dissimilar lines, leading to courage and transformation for one teen and a personal crisis for another.

Because of Grácia: Trailer
Because of Grácia: Trailer


CastMoriah Smallbone, Chris Massoglia, Brett Simes, Rachael Hayward, Ben Davies, Owen Presland-White, Masey McLain, Emma Elle Roberts, Todd Terry, Mark Smeby, Matthew Schuler, Maxfield Camp, Louisa Wendorff, Katie Walker

Executive ProducerRodney Hatfield, Robin Bellamy, Owen Presland-White, Angel Holscher-Hatfield, Myron Glova

WritingTom Simes

ProductionJarred Coates, Lisa Arnold

CastJohn Schneider

Directed byTom Simes