The Dark: Forever Winter

Episode 30 hr 42 min

The Price

As Tommy and Lizzy proceed to execute the initial stages of their plan, professional hunters that continue to insatiably scour the land at The Dark's behest discover Tommy's haven.

Average rating: 3.2
The Price


Directed byChip Rossetti

WritingChip Rossetti, Christian St John

ProductionJonathan Plowman, Chip Rossetti

CastJessica Bell, Maguire Yates, Silvio Wolf Busch, Jim E. Chandler, Katie Hubbard, Morgan Marie, Chad Joyce, Wyatt Dill, Ryan Harris, Brian Michaux, Jessica Rossetti, Abigale Crumbaugh, Barrett Crumbaugh, Eva Crumbaugh, Bonnie Crumbaugh, Jacob Ballard, Maddie Grams, Evelyn Stump, Elliot Stump, Allyson Borden, Skylar Bordan, Levi Dill, Karoline Wilson, Alexis McKenzie, Abigail Stevens