Deck the Heart

Average rating: 3.2
1 hr 44 min

MODIFIED FOR FAMILY VIEWING - A businessman inherits his grandfather's lake house and is expected to host his Christmas. Since he doesn't have time or Christmas spirit, he hires an event planner. As Merry decorates and plans, she wins him over and helps him love Christmas again.

Deck the Heart
Deck the Heart


Directed byCandy Cain

CastAshley Brinkman, Joe Kurak, Robert Picardo, Connie Shi, Kenney Myers, Tara Westwood, Catherine Mary Stewart, Robert Peterpaul, Al Sapienza, Allison Mullaney, Debra Rennard, Eliza Roberts, Joseph Bessette

WritingCandy Cain

ProductionDouglas C. Diana, Alan Fogelman, Amy Minter