The Adventures Of Swiss Family Robinson

Episode 20 hr 26 min

Survival: Part 2

After surviving the storm, the family along with Billy, a cabin boy, reach the deck of the ship only to discover they have been stranded on a reef, with everyone else gone... They make a raft and reach nearby land, a beautiful, but deserted island. But they soon discover they aren't alone.

Average rating: 3.7
Survival: Part 2


Directed byJohn Laing

CastRichard Thomas, Margo Gunn, Kieren Hutchison, Charlotte Woollams, Mia Koning, Junior Chile, K.C. Kelly, Gareth Howells, Chantelle Yee, Jed Brophy, Ken Blackburn, Lewis Martin, Todd Rippon, Dagmara Smith, Diana McFarlane

WritingMervyn Haisman, Raymond Thompson

ProductionRaymond Thompson

narratorKieren Hutchison