The Adventures Of Swiss Family Robinson

Episode 30 hr 26 min

Survival: Part 3

David, Ernst and Billy find their first adventure. Emily Chen is found hiding on the island and joins the group. They settle into life on the island and try to find a site for their new home. The group gain new skills for living on the island, but Elizabeth isn't excited at the prospect.

Average rating: 3.8
Survival: Part 3


Directed byJohn Laing

CastRichard Thomas, Margo Gunn, Kieren Hutchison, Charlotte Woollams, Mia Koning, Junior Chile, K.C. Kelly, Gareth Howells, Chantelle Yee, Jed Brophy, Ken Blackburn, Lewis Martin, Todd Rippon, Dagmara Smith, Diana McFarlane

WritingMervyn Haisman, Raymond Thompson

ProductionRaymond Thompson

narratorKieren Hutchison