The Adventures Of Swiss Family Robinson

Episode 90 hr 26 min

Boston: Part 2

Kwang Sen, who has his own vendetta against the family - hires a top lawyer to issue proceedings and reopen the trial. Ben is uncomfortable working for Oscar, who doesn't want him there.

Average rating: 3.9
Boston: Part 2


Directed byJohn Laing

CastRichard Thomas, Margo Gunn, Kieren Hutchison, Charlotte Woollams, Mia Koning, Junior Chile, K.C. Kelly, Gareth Howells, Chantelle Yee, Ken Blackburn, Jed Brophy, Charles Lum, Des Kelly, William Kircher, Cameron Rhodes, Brian Sergent, Chris Hampson, Dale Corlett, Matthew Chamberlain, Des Morgan, Roger Page, Ingrid Prosser, Bernard Kearns

WritingDavid Fox, Raymond Thompson

ProductionRaymond Thompson

narratorKieren Hutchison