Return to Treasure Island

Episode 10 hr 30 min

Episode 1

Jim Hawkins faces the legendary pirate Long John Silver who is up to his old tricks. But this time there is an added complication – Silver’s daughter, Coral, with who Jim has fallen in love with. This sequel has drama, suspense, romance, action, adventure – and a few tears along the way.

Average rating: 3.1
Episode 1


Directed bySteve La Hood

CastDean O'Gorman, Simone Kessell, Stig Eldred, Jed Brophy, William Kircher, Jeff Szusterman, John Wraight, Bruce Phillips, Duncan Smith, Gilbert Goldie, Nikita Schembri, Jason Whyte, Yacouba Coulibaly

WritingHarry Duffin, Robert Louis Stevenson

ProductionRaymond Thompson

narratorDean O'Gorman