Return to Treasure Island

Episode 30 hr 32 min

Episode 3

Difficult decisions must be made, hearts and minds are challenged and loyalties are put to the test as destinies are determined once more on Treasure Island.

Average rating: 3.6
Episode 3


Directed bySteve La Hood

CastDean O'Gorman, Simone Kessell, Stig Eldred, Jed Brophy, Nikita Schembri, Yacouba Coulibaly, Bruce Phillips, John Wraight, Duncan Smith, William Kircher, Gilbert Goldie, Jason Whyte, Jeff Szustermann, Peter Schoenauer, Will Clannachan, Alan Norman, Richard Condon

WritingHarry Duffin, Robert Louis Stevenson

ProductionRaymond Thompson

narratorDean O'Gorman