The Enid Blyton Secret Series

Episode 10 hr 26 min

The Secret Island: Part 1

Peggy, Mike and Laura are with their horrible Aunt and Uncle while their father, Thaddeus sails around the world, accompanied by journalist Charlotte. After a sudden storm, the two are presumed drowned, the children's Uncle sees it an opportunity to sell Thaddeus' valuable estate.

Average rating: 1.9
The Secret Island: Part 1


Directed byGarth Tucker

CastJennyfer Jewell, Daniel James, Tom Pizey, Tineke van der Walle, Sharon Tyrrell, Jeremy Brudenell, K.C. Kelly, Peter Vere-Jones, Jane Waddell, Patrick Smyth, Jed Brophy, Drew Neemia, Bernard Kearnes, Paul Kennedy, Margaret McLuskie, Piripi Waretini, Andrew Nichols

WritingMervyn Haisman, Raymond Thompson

ProductionRaymond Thompson