The Enid Blyton Secret Series

Episode 20 hr 26 min

The Secret Island: Part 2

After fleeing to the island, the children befriend Jack, a runaway orphan. Despite the storm, Thaddeus and Charlotte are alive, shipwrecked on an island themselves. Discovering that the children have fled, their Aunt and Uncle keep quiet, in case it exposes their plans to sell the estate.

Average rating: 3.5
The Secret Island: Part 2


Directed byGarth Tucker

CastJennyfer Jewell, Daniel James, Tom Pizey, Tineke van der Walle, Sharon Tyrrell, Jeremy Brudenell, K.C. Kelly, Peter Vere-Jones, Jane Waddell, Patrick Smyth, Jed Brophy, Drew Neemia, Bernard Kearnes, Paul Kennedy, Margaret McLuskie, Piripi Waretini, Andrew Nichols

WritingMervyn Haisman, Raymond Thompson

ProductionRaymond Thompson