Lena and Snowball

MODIFIED FOR FAMILY VIEWING - In this charming, thrilling family adventure, a lonely girl adopts a cuddly, adorable white lion cub and they form an instant bond, but the clumsy poachers who kidnapped it will stop at nothing to get it back.

Lena and Snowball


Cast: Melissa Collazo, Michael Perl, Elliott Sancrant, Spencer Allport, J. Gaven Wilde, Hunter Flanagan, Michael "Big Smooth" Frazier, Branscombe Richmond, Wade Williams, Robert Knepper

Writer: Sean Michael Argo, B. Dave Walters

Directed By: Brian Herzlinger

Producer: Sebastian Brummer, Werner Kienberger, Danny Roth, Jamie R. Thompson


For Teens, For Kids, For Ages 11 to 12, For Ages 8 to 10, For Ages 5 to 7, For Ages 1 to 4