I Love Christmas Parties

Episode 40 hr 34 min

The Party

It's crunch time. A decision needs to be made, decorations need to be finished, and the party guests are arriving any minute. Can the group pull it together and give this town one last Christmas party?

Average rating: 3.9
The Party


Directed byStephen Krist

CastStephen Krist, Miranda Sanborn, Bailey Knuth, Alayna Crews, Tyler Kreiner, Ethan Sox, Janelle Krist, Manna Krist, Dan Pardington, Araya Pardington, Tom Crews, Karen Crews, Layla Coady, Scott Smith

WritingStephen Krist, Miranda Sanborn

ProductionStephen Krist, Miranda Sanborn, Lindsey Sharrard