Baking Up Love

Average rating: 3.2
1 hr 37 min

The CEO of the Morton Pumpkin Company decides to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the town with a bake-off. The town sweetheart is expected to win. When her niece is left to stay, winning seems out of reach.

Baking Up Love
Baking Up Love


Directed byCandice Cain

CastAlix Kermes, Michael Bonini, Jeff Timmons, Catherine Cain, Missy Byrd, David Otunga, Jason Frederick, Kenney Myers, Stefanie Bloom, Allison Grischow, Jacey Dean, Katelin Stack, Tierza Scaccia, Steve Schwetman

WritingCandice Cain

ProductionJeffrey L. Kaufman, Amy Minter