The Wonderful World Of Benjamin Cello

Episode 30 hr 22 min

The Prosody Party: Poems & Prayers

Professor Wordsworth is hosting a Prosody Party! With the help of the ever-hungry Bookworms, Benjamin Cello and the Cheerful Chums study the four most commonly used poetic meters and use them to write poetry and sing a beautiful prayer.

Average rating: 4
The Prosody Party: Poems & Prayers


CastBenjamin Wolaver, Alex Wolaver, Joshua Carswell, Berklee Wolaver, Sydney Ferrel, Nathan Sangermano, Luke Taylor, David Dupre, Vincenza Dupre, Audrey Wolaver

WritingRobin Wolaver

Directed byRobin Wolaver, Alex Wolaver

ProductionRobin Wolaver, Alex Wolaver