Owlegories: Volume 2

Episode 50 hr 18 min

The Weed

The kids are sent to Hollyweed, CA to learn about the consequences of sin. Along the way, they also learn three ways sin is like a weed in the garden of our lives. The key verse is Matthew 13: 38-41.

Average rating: 3.6
The Weed


CastKeith Alcorn, Julie Boto, Thomas Boto, Angie Boto, Austin Boto, Everett Boto, Gus Boto, Owen Boto, Uriah Boto, Jennie Krause, Jeremiah Krause, Hannah Sue Krause

WritingKeith Alcorn, Thomas Boto

Directed byKeith Alcorn, Thomas Boto

ProductionThomas Boto, Julie Boto, Keith Alcorn