The Christians

Episode 40 hr 24 min

I Do, I Do

The Christian sisters get married on the same day under different conditions. Lionel’s revelation shocks Hazel. Dr. Fitzgerald continues to stalk Harper Marie. Victory Baptist Church catches fire.

Average rating: 3.4
I Do, I Do


CastAllie L. Harris, Kenisha Johnson, Cheryl Frazier, Anthony R. Page, Michelle L. Lamb, John Brown, Dexter Matthews, Topher Fredd, Michael Gladden, Carolyn Toomer, Candice Marie Singleton, Kayka S. Powell, Brian Scott Gilmore, ZoAnne McKinstry, Imani Monae, Orville A. Blythe, Terrell Stokes, Rhonda Gaines, Theresa Lang

WritingThea Casey

Directed byShaun M. Mathis

ProductionDamon Cloud