Breaking Strongholds: Trailer

Average rating: 3.5
0 hr 2 min

When a teen’s plan to end his life is interrupted by a mysterious stranger, he finds an unlikely mentor and uncovers the dark secret motives of the town’s newest celebrity.

Breaking Strongholds: Trailer
Breaking Strongholds: Trailer


CastTerry Weaver, Tori Garmon, John Chance, Amy Kramr, Gunjan Talwar, Justina Page, James Page, Rick Olvera, Calvin Pearson, Gerald Pressley, Fil Waters, Ulises Larramendi, Cortney Laine, Lillie Cooper, Don Ortolano, Clay Pool, Shawn Stoneberg, Dhustie Zervakos, Bryce Miller

WritingRobin Murray

Directed byJake Allen

ProductionCarla McDougal