Storykeepers: Trailer

Average rating: 3.1
0 hr 1 min

STARTING MAY 1 - A children's animated adventure series which tells the story of the adventure of four children on the run from persecution in Nero's Rome. They are hidden in a bakery by Ben, a Christian Baker, who tells them stories of the life of Jesus.

Storykeepers: Trailer
Storykeepers: Trailer


ProductionNick Condon, Michael Algar, David N. Weiss, Andrew melrose, Andrew Fitzpatrick, David R. Anderson, Brian Brown, Scott Bolinder

Directed byJimmy T. Murakami

WritingAndrew melrose, Brian Brown

CastCatherine M. Smith, Priscilla Prescott, Andrew Pearman, Bob Norris, Gene Johnson, Janet Isenhart, Marcus P. Hyde, Philip G. Guthrie, Kasey Folk, James K. Flynn, Randall T.Eldridge, Brian Cummings, Jim Catlin, Joel Blackwelder, Jerry Ammons