The Inspectors

Episode 150 hr 20 min

All About V

When Veronica's grandmother becomes a victim of a foreign lottery scam, the Inspectors step in to help. But Veronica worries that her family may be facing another challenge...

Average rating: 4
All About V


CastBrian Clackley, Ryan Czerwonko, Bret Green, Harrison Knight, Charmin Lee, Jessica Lundy, Erica-Marie Sanchez, Terry Serpico, Carolyn Wickwire, Lana Young

WritingDillon Morgan, Courtney Parnell, Randall B. Smith

Directed byAaron Bauer

ProductionBryan Curb, Grant Fitch, Dillon Morgan, Dave Morgan, Courtney Parnell, Randall B. Smith, Kent Archer, Peter Sniderman, Adam Sumner, Warren Weideman