The Inspectors

Episode 170 hr 20 min

Stop the Presses

A journalist at a newspaper receives a ransom letter in the mail stating that the editor has been kidnapped. The Inspectors are on the case!

Average rating: 3.5
Stop the Presses


CastShawn Kathryn Kane, Charles Black, Bret Green, Jamie Hunter, Harrison Knight, Charmin Lee, Jessica Lundy, Erica-Marie Sanchez, Terry Serpico, Kaycee Fillbright

WritingMichelle Davidson, Jessica Lundy, Patrick Rea, Randall B. Smith

Directed byDave Thomas

ProductionBryan Curb, Grant Fitch, Dillon Morgan, Dave Morgan, Courtney Parnell, Randall B. Smith, Kent Archer, Peter Sniderman, Adam Sumner, Warren Weideman