The Inspectors

Episode 60 hr 20 min

Meet Sam

Georgia is given a designer purse as a birthday present from the team, but when she analyzes the bag, she learns it's a clever fake! The Inspectors investigate a counterfeit goods operation.

Average rating: 4
Meet Sam


CastBret Green, Sullivan Graci Hamilton, Harrison Knight, Charmin Lee, Jessica Lundy, Erica-Marie Sanchez, Terry Serpico, Tarnesha Small, Drayton Thomas Jaymes

WritingBryan Curb, Randall B. Smith

Directed byDave Thomas

ProductionBryan Curb, Grant Fitch, Dillon Morgan, Dave Morgan, Courtney Parnell, Randall B. Smith, Kent Archer, Peter Sniderman, Adam Sumner, Warren Weideman