The Inspectors

Episode 70 hr 20 min

Grandpa’s Gumbo

When someone gets scammed into buying fake, prepackaged funeral plans for veterans, The Inspectors lure the scammer to Charleston, South Carolina to a Veterans’ charity ball on the USS Yorktown.

Average rating: 4
Grandpa’s Gumbo


CastJessica Lundy, Bret Green, Terry Serpico, Charmin Lee, Harrison Knight, Erica-Marie Sanchez, Sullivan Graci Hamilton, Tyner Rushing, Tommy Stewart

WritingDillon Morgan, Courtney Parnell, Randall B. Smith

Directed byAaron Bauer

ProductionBryan Curb, Grant Fitch, Dillon Morgan, Dave Morgan, Courtney Parnell, Randall B. Smith, Kent Archer, Peter Sniderman, Adam Sumner, Warren Weideman