Ranger Rob

Episode 200 hr 22 min

Ranger Rob and Ranger Sam / Marching Penguins

Rob teaches Sam how to be a Ranger but hits a snag when Sam is set on copying Rob exactly. / During the annual March of the Penguins, Rob and Stomper save a little lost penguin.

Average rating: 2.6
Ranger Rob and Ranger Sam / Marching Penguins


CastJonah Wineberg, Darren Frost, Zachary Bennett, Helen King, Stephanie Mills, Rob Tinkler

WritingCarolyn Hay, Andrew Sabiston, Louise Moon, Rob Tinkler, Brendan Russell, Mike Erskine-Kellie, Katherine Sandford, Anne-Marie Perrotta, Jed MacKay, Penelope Laurence

Directed byAdrian Thatcher

ProductionColin Bohn, Scott Dyer, Ian Liddell, Irene Weibel