Fragment: Oblivion

Episode 40 hr 30 min

The Cost of Freedom

An uneasy alliance forms as the group looks for a way to escape to the Wilds. Their path has them at the mercy of the Liberian Captain of District 17. Her request may cost more than they can pay.

Average rating: 3.3
The Cost of Freedom


CastMark Christopher Lawrence, Isabelle Almoyan, Seth Bowling, Tim Hildebrand, Gigi Orsillo, Sharonne Lanier, Scott Piper, Adeline Tappan, Jamaal Curry, Shannen Fields, Heath Arthur, Eden Grace, Stephanie Parker, Olivia Curry, Allie Thompson, Teagan Steller, Melissa Dunn

WritingNathan Blair

Directed byNathan Blair

ProductionNathan Blair