Fragment: Oblivion

Episode 50 hr 26 min


As the team tracks down the information for Lexi, they wrestle with the consequences of trading an act of terrorism and their only chance at freedom.

Average rating: 3.4


CastMark Christopher Lawrence, Isabelle Almoyan, Seth Bowling, Tim Hildebrand, Gigi Orsillo, Sharonne Lanier, Adeline Tappan, Jamaal Curry, Shannen Fields, Heath Arthur, John Goad, Nathan Blair, Rebecca Blair, Kayla Blair, Zachary Blair, Elijah Blair, Abby Blair, London Orsillo, Preslie Orsillo, Eliana Orsillo, Eden Grace, Saige Schupbach

WritingNathan Blair

Directed byNathan Blair

ProductionNathan Blair