Letters to God

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 54 min

Tyler, an extraordinary eight-year-old boy, faces his battle by sending letters to God.

Letters to God

Recommended Age: All Ages

Very strong Christian worldview with a very moral perspective, references to coming to Christ, prayer, and what would Jesus do; no foul language; minor slapstick violence such as little girl pushes little boy’s face in his pie and an alcoholic trashes his room; no sex; alcohol use to get drunk; no smoking; and, nothing else objectionable.


Letters to God


CastRobyn Lively, Jeffery S.S. Johnson, Maree Cheatham, Tanner Maguire, Michael Christopher Bolten, Bailee Madison, Ralph Waite

WritingArt D'Alessandro, Sandra Thrift, Cullen Douglas


  • Power of Prayer
  • Character-Building
  • Inspiring
  • Hidden Gem
  • Faith
  • Dramas