Sons of Thunder

Combat vet Simon motorcycles across the country, working odd jobs, helping those God puts in his path, and trying to atone for past sins in a biker club.

Parental Warning: Adult Situations

Sons of Thunder


Cast: Randal Reeder, Vanessa Angel, Michael Kruger, Jon Glenn, Mayra Leal, Sam Medina, Mavrick Von Haug, Ned Yousef, Emily Peachy, Don Swayze, Gigi Erneta, Jeffery Decker, Benjamin Schille, Deke Anderson, Adam Cope, Jesse Gallagos, Anna Zielinski, Michael Collier, Creek Wilson, Jeremy Lawson, Alec Rayme, Rex Mundo, Tom Zembrod, Stevie Ray

Writer: Amos Elseth

Directed By: Loren Gilley, Sam Medina, Gabriel Sabloff

Producer: David A.R. White, Randal Reeder, JB Barrett, Michael Kruger, Remy Carter, Richard Reeder, Michael Scott, Jim Ameduri, Anna Zielinksi, Kimberly Bliquez


With a Strong Male Lead, Original, About Redemption, About Forgiveness, Thriller, Faith