Going Home

It’s a race against time as a dedicated Hospice nurse with her own complicated past, leads her new clients and their loved ones to wrap up loose ends with compassion and dignity before they go "home".

Going Home


Cast: Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Mel Harris, Karen Allen, Aviona Rodriguez, George Newbern, Gloria Reuben, Ellen Travolta, Kate Witt, Katie Prentiss, Russell Hodgkinson, William Allen Young, Vernon Davis, Concetta Tomei, Tom Skerritt, Chris Wiehl, Charisma Carpenter, Cynthia Geary

Producer: Rich Cowan, Dan Merchant

Directed By: Jared Briley, J.D. McKee, Dan Merchant

Writer: Matt Mikalatos, Kara Merchant, Dan Merchant


Power of Prayer, With a Strong Female Lead, Tearjerkers, Sentimental, Melodrama, Medical