Fragment: Oblivion

An unlikely group of strangers navigate a world where billions of the population have gone missing. They struggle to stay ahead of governmental agencies and figure out why they were left behind.

Fragment: Oblivion


Cast: Mark Christopher Lawrence, Isabelle Almoyan, Gigi Orsillo, Seth Bowling, Shannen Fields, Tim Hildebrand, Sharonne Lanier, Heath Arthur, Nathan Blair, Jamaal Curry, Adeline Tappan, Eden Grace, Jonathan Wessel, Isaac Hernandez, Brooklyn Wittmer, Scott Piper, Allie Thompson, Teagan Steller, Melissa Dunn, Stephanie Parker

Writer: Nathan Blair

Directed By: Nathan Blair

Producer: Nathan Blair


Exclusive, Hopeful, About End Times and Prophecy, Wilderness and Survival, Thriller, Suspenseful