Heaven is Waiting

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 20 minNR

A widow must learn to open up his heart once more to the potential of falling in love again.

Heaven is Waiting

Recommended Age: 9+

Very strong Christian, moral worldview as man grieves loss of wife, many references to church, many faith-filled songs, and a reference to the Bible, but man talks to his dead wife, who appears; no foul language; no violence; no sexual scenes, couples kisses passionately; no nudity; no drinking of alcohol; no smoking, no drug use; and, nothing else objectionable.


Heaven is Waiting


CastCurt Doussett, Kirby Heyborne, Brittany Peltier, Michelle Money, Melanie Nelson

Directed byGreg Kiefer, Michael Flynn, Michael Paul Bailey, Sam Wallace Marty Patch, Shelley Bingham