Nikki and The Perfect Stranger

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 4 min

Several years after their first encounter in Chicago, Nikki is reunited with Jesus.

Nikki and The Perfect Stranger

Recommended Age: 9+

Strong Christian worldview, woman is struggling with her walk with Christ and he comes to visit her to help her, Strong themes of unconditional love and redemption, overt Biblical worldview, "Jesus" quotes scripture, main character struggles with her faith, she meets a minister on the road, positive representation of Christ, ministers and Christianity; no foul language; no violence; brief scene where they drive into the parking lot of an "XXX Adult Video Store," however, they just talk to someone in the parking lot, they don’t go inside and nothing is shown.


Nikki and The Perfect Stranger


CastJulianna Allen, Jefferson Moore

WritingDavid Gregory, Jefferson Moore

Directed byJefferson Moore

ProductionKelly Worthington