Another Perfect Stranger

Average rating: 3.8
1 hr 21 minNR

When one woman sets out to determine her future, she gets some very interesting answers from a stranger.

Another Perfect Stranger

Recommended Age: 15+

Dominant Christian worldview showing God present with His children everywhere, backed up by the use of John 10:27: "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me;" Moral/biblical worldview that God exists, He is good and God’s word is a love letter written to His children; slight anti-biblical worldview where main character does not believe in God; No foul language; No violence; One non- graphic description of main character being date raped; No nudity; No alcohol use; No smoking or drugs; Miscellaneous immorality expressed as moral relativism in the belief that most people are good and religious people are fanatics.


Another Perfect Stranger


CastRuby Marie Lewis, Jefferson Moore

WritingDavid Gregory, Jefferson Moore

Directed byShane Sooter, Jefferson Moore

ProductionGina M. Hughes