On Angel's Wings

Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 24 min

A clumsy water-girl-turned-soccer-star learns that miracles really do happen, as long as you have a little faith in the impossible.

Parental Warning: Mild Language (OMG)

On Angel's Wings

Recommended Age: 5+

Strong Christian worldview of the power of faith and prayer; Strong Biblical worldview of the importance of family as well as looking for ways to be kind to others; four misuses of Jesus/God’s name, one "slap your mama" joke; Girl occasionally wears lightly revealing shirts; Children want to keep lost money for themselves, depictions of bullies, painting of Jesus seen in background, emphasis on believing in yourself.


On Angel's Wings


CastReginald VelJohnson, Robin Givens, Bill Cobbs, Sweet Brown, Gerald Webb, Tyler Humphrey, Taylor Faye Ruffin

WritingAaron L. Williams

Directed byAaron L. Williams

ProductionSean Huze, Aaron L. Williams