Brother White

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 30 minG

How one aspiring pastor takes a leap of faith and must build trust with his new congregation in time to save it.

Recommended Age: 12+

Strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements depicting pastors, church services, gospel music, the value of family, and a desire to serve God and be in ministry, strong depiction of biblical moral values of hospitality, generosity, encouragement, compassion, perseverance, forgiveness; no profanity or obscenities; light violence with a drunk man shaking/yelling at his son, drunk man also punches a pastor; several kisses shared between a married couple; no nudity; moderate drinking with brandy served at a dinner, a drunk man yelling at his son, and several scenes with men drinking in a bar; no smoking or dug use; gambling, pride, bribery, and blackmail, though not condoned.


Brother White


CastDavid A.R. White, Jackée, Bruce Davidson, Ray Wise, Reginald VelJohnson

WritingTommy Blaze, Sean Paul Murphy, Matt Richards

Directed byBrian Herzlinger

ProductionAnna Zielinski, David A.R. White, Michael Scott, Russell Wolfe, Elizabeth Travis