In the Blink of an Eye

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 26 minNR

Stuck reliving the same nightmare day after day, a man discovers evidence of a worldwide event known in biblical prophecies as The Rapture.

Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian worldview throughout, with heavy messages of salvation and redemption through a personal relationship with Jesus, statements are made about God's love and about saving faith, characters pray and share their faith with unbelievers, characters are shown coming to Christ; mild language such as "heck" and "crap", the phrase "son of a b***h" is cut short; mild action spattered throughout, including a man and woman getting shot, a man getting knocked out from behind, and a man getting thrown off the edge of the boat; a man kisses his wife, there is an extremely subtle reference to a married couple having sex; upper male nudity, woman wears fairly modest swimsuit; no drug use; no other immoral content.


In the Blink of an Eye


CastAndrea Logan White, David A.R. White, Eric Roberts

WritingJohn Macy, Byron Jones, David A.R. White, Russel Wolfe

Directed byMichael Sinclair

ProductionRussel Wolfe, Byron Jones, David A.R. White, Michael Scott