Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 31 minNR

When one man must deal with the pressures of a crumbling company and intense new feelings, will his vows get put on the back burner?

Parental Warning: Adult Situations


Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian and Biblical worldview including many references and scenes of church, pastors preaching from the Bible, and Bible studies, a faithful wife prays for her husband, a man confesses to lusting over a woman who is not his wife, repents of his actions, and asks for forgiveness, several redemptive characters; no foul language; no violence; light level of sexual content with implied adultery and a man seducing women; no nudity; light level of alcohol drinking; light reference to prescription drug use; and, strong level of miscellaneous immorality such as lying, desire to keep things secret and hidden, revenge, greed, and dysfunctional family portrayal, though not condoned.




CastTed McGinley, Teri Copley, Grant Goodeve

WritingTommy Blaze

Directed byDavid A.R. White

ProductionMichael Scott, David A.R. White, Anna Zielinski, Russell Wolfe, Elizabeth Travis