The Wager

Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 20 minNR

One man has been cast as the lead in a supernatural drama, as the center focus of a wager between God and Satan.

Recommended Age: All Ages

Very strong Christian worldview with a preacher asking a question suggesting an equivalence between God and Satan; no foul language; some violence such as man hits another man hard on the nose, a traffic accident, several shots in a movie within the movie with people falling down; no sex scenes but allegations of sexual immorality; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking; and, nothing else objectionable.


The Wager


CastRandy Travis, Jude Ciiccolella, Nancy Stafford, Nancy Valen

WritingBill Myers, Judson Pearce Morgan

Directed byJudson Pearce Morgan

ProductionMichael Scott, David A.R. White, Russell Wolfe, Elizabeth Travis