The Mark 2: Redemption

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 34 min

Two heroes on the run pray to receive help from a higher power in a world of chaos.

Parental Warning: Mild Language (OMG)

The Mark 2: Redemption

Recommended Age: 15+

Very strong Christian worldview (the story is set during the end times, Dao reads to herself from Romans and later reads to others from Genesis, she has a conversion prayer at one point, Chad’s faith becomes stronger) and strong moral worldview (Chad and Dao protect each other against enemies, Dr. Siriwat helps them to rescue a small group of young women); one h-word; a boat and a car explode, someone’s bloodied face frequently appears, ten characters are shot to death (six are killed by Chad), the climax includes a hand-to-hand combat scene and someone getting wounded multiple times with gunshots (some blood is seen); it’s verbally suggested that Mali and some other young women are forced to work as prostitutes; no nudity; no alcohol use; two characters puff a cigarette; and, Chad steals a car and a motorcycle on separate occasions while fleeing from pursuers.


The Mark 2: Redemption


CastCraig Sheffer, Sonia Couling, Eric Roberts

WritingJohn Patus, Paul Duran, Leland Jourdan

Directed byJames Chankin

ProductionJames Chankin, Michael Scot