Letters to God

Average rating: 3.8
1 hr 54 min

Tyler, an extraordinary eight-year-old boy, faces his battle by sending letters to God.

Letters to God

Recommended Age: All Ages

Very strong Christian worldview with a very moral perspective, references to coming to Christ, prayer, and what would Jesus do; no foul language; minor slapstick violence such as little girl pushes little boy’s face in his pie and an alcoholic trashes his room; no sex; alcohol use to get drunk; no smoking; and, nothing else objectionable.


Letters to God


CastRobyn Lively, Jeffery S.S. Johnson, Maree Cheatham, Tanner Maguire, Michael Christopher Bolten, Bailee Madison, Ralph Waite

WritingArt D'Alessandro, Sandra Thrift, Cullen Douglas, Patrick Doughtie

Directed byDavid Nixon

ProductionDavid Nixon