Beyond the Mask

Average rating: 3.8
1 hr 45 minPG

A former British mercenary discovers the power of forgiveness as he becomes the man he was always meant to be.

Beyond the Mask

Recommended Age: 9+

Very strong Christian worldview with church scenes, worship scenes, man comes to Jesus, man witnesses to other man about Jesus, with strong moral elements; no obscenities or profanities; multiple scenes of men shooting at a man running away, multiple scenes of bombs going off, punching and fighting scenes, man is shot and dies, man is shot and wounded; no sexual content (just a kiss on the head); no nudity; light drinking in bar; no smoking nor drug use; and, lying.


Beyond the Mask


CastAndrew Cheney, John Rhys-Davies, Kara Killmer

WritingPaul McCusker, Stephen Kendrick

Directed byChad Burns