Seeker & Fetch

Average rating: 3.3
1 hr 21 minG

Ana Adell loves animals so much that she has turned her home into a lost and found for missing pets.

Seeker & Fetch

Recommended Age: 9+

Dominant moral message that animals shouldn’t be mistreated; brief foul language including references to "toots," as well as a character saying "son of a banana;" brief violence including a scene involving a man slipping in dog poop; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking or illegal drug use; low level of miscellaneous immorality including dysfunctional family portrayals, lying, greed, revenge, and bad role models.


Seeker & Fetch


CastNancy Sale, Jacob Rodier, Greg Pedemonte

WritingVirland S. Harris, Larry Garrett

Directed byJohn Rhode

ProductionCheryl Freeman, Virland S. Harris, Larry Garrett