Average rating: 3.3
1 hr 31 min

Levi Layton is tired of his small town life and his workaholic father, but finds his way out when he receives a large inheritance. Eighteen years old and armed with $100,000, the life he wants is just a midnight escape away.

Parental Warning: Mild Language (OMG), Adult Situations


Recommended Age: 12+

Dominant biblical worldview that we can receive God’s grace and mercy when we turn back to Him; brief foul language including references to the bathroom as "the crapper" and use of the words "sucks" and "crap;" brief violence including teens fighting, and characters being beat up and threatened with guns; sexual content including two teens kissing, and references to girls being "hot;" no nudity; alcohol use including teens drinking; brief smoking including character attempting to smoke in a restaurant; low level of miscellaneous immorality including dysfunctional family portrayals, lying, greed, stealing, revenge, and bad role models.




CastJoseph Castanon, Dylan Borger, Cynthia Uhrich

WritingAaron Hugget

Directed byAaron Hugget

ProductionMark Harper, Matt Leonetti