Divine Will

Average rating: 2.8
1 hr 14 min

Life in Punkyville, Kentucky has always been a bit unconventional. When Will Blessing arrives, things really get interesting.

Divine Will

Recommended Age: 5+

Christian worldview of following God’s calling, singing in church, picture of Jesus seen several times on wall; light humanist worldview of people being a source of peace; married woman is sexually suggestive to man; brief reference to beer; man has seemingly magical (or miraculous) ability given by an unknown source, people lie to protect each other from awkward situations, people are unkind to man with a disability, brief reference to divorce.


Divine Will


CastLee Roessler, Brent Reed, Kathryn Boswell, Kat Moser, Haley Jones

NarratorLee Roessler

WritingKen Jones, Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Directed byKen Jones

ProductionChristine Jones