The Trial

Average rating: 3.8
1 hr 41 minPG-13

A grieving small town attorney finds his life transformed when he is assigned to a capital punishment case.

The Trial

Recommended Age: 12+

Light Christian worldview with discussions about God but no mention of Jesus and a lawyer needs to let go and let God take over, plus strong moral points about honesty, loyalty, courage, and caring; no foul language; minor violence such as hitting, man shot in leg but nothing shown, car accident discussed, and suicide contemplated; no sex but discussion of inappropriate sexual advances; no nudity; alcohol use; villain drugs lawyer and discussion of two other characters being drugged; and, deceitful psychologist who tries to drug and kill lawyer and hires a killer to eliminate a wealthy heiress, lawyer fights for justice.


The Trial


CastMatthew Modine, Robert Forster, Bob Gunton, Clare Carey, Rance Howard, Randy Wayne, Nikki Deloache

WritingMark Freiburger, Robert Whitlow, Gary Wheeler

Directed byGary Wheeler

ProductionMark Freiburger, Gary Wheeler