Average rating: 3.9
1 hr 35 min

14 year old Jimmy has the unique ability to see into another world. His gift is called upon during a criminal trial where as a pivotal witness he learns it is never wrong to tell the truth.

Parental Warning: Intense Scenes, Violence, Adult Situations


Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian worldview with some strong moral points; no foul language; threat of violence, drowning, shooting, two people get badly shot; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol; drug pusher tries to get teenager to sell drugs; and, police chief tries to frame someone, gets kicked off the force, and repents, two football players throw football game for money but don’t want to sell drugs, and the audience never sees if they repent, criminal kidnaps mentally challenged boy.




CastPatrick Fabian, Kelly Carlson, Ted Levine, Ian Colletti, Bob Gunton, Burgess Jenkins, Chuck Carrington

WritingMark Freiburger, Robert Whitlow, Gary Wheeler

Directed byMark Freiburger

ProductionGary Wheeler