Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 41 min

MODIFIED FOR FAMILY VIEWING - Beckman stops living as a cruel gun for hire and is taken in by a pastor. But when a cult leader kidnaps his adopted daughter, he reverts to his old ways. Will he remember his faith and save his soul?

Parental Warning: Violence, Mature Subjects & Intense Scenes



Directed byGabriel Sabloff

CastDavid A.R. White, William Baldwin, Jeff Fahey, Burt Young, Brighton Sharbino, Kira Reed Lorsch, Danielle Moinet, Kevin Downes, Jacob Melton, Nobuaki Shimamoto

WritingGabriel Sabloff, Tommy Blaze, Stephen Keller

ProductionAnna Zielinski, David A.R. White, Michael Scott