Beverly Lewis' The Confession

A young Amish woman seeks her identity, gets entangled in a mystery, and must solve it to reunite with her "Englisher" birth mother after 20 years.

Beverly Lewis' The Confession


Cast: Katie LeClerc, Sherry Stringfield, Adrian Paul, Michael Rupnow, Bill Oberst Jr., Sandra Elise Williams, Cameron Deane Stewart, Rebecca Coon, Sheldon Grant, Brett Gentile, Julia Whelan, David Temple, Willie Stratford, Steve Boles

Writer: Beverly Lewis, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr.

Directed By: Michael Landon Jr.

Producer: Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., Maura Dunbar, Cindy Bond, David R. Kappes, Chevonne O'Shaughnessy


With a Strong Female Lead, About Forgiveness, About Family, Mystery, Mother and Daughter, Emotional