Hope Lives

Six high school students, all victims of bullying, come together as their stories unfold and intertwine.

Parental Warning: Mature Subjects

Hope Lives


Producer: Alicia Williams, Enrique Luis Veguilla, Marc C. Thevenin JR., Kim Solomon, James Schulyer, Kathy Patterson, Roy Parham, Angela Donadio, Darien Claxton, Anthony Hackett, Adanna Hackett, Kim Doggette, David Doggette, Melissa Brunner, Daniel Brunner, God

Directed By: Anthony Hackett

Writer: Anthony Hackett

Cast: Willy Ramos, Ericka Lee, Carson Blyskal, Ham Mukasa, India Palmer, Aaron C. Wells, Chanel Collins, Nicole Paris, Kyle Arrington, Sharonne Lanier, Anthony Hackett, Karen Abercrombie


Based on Real Life, Morality, Melodrama, Heartfelt, Gritty, Emotional