An Angelic Christmas

Average rating: 3.5
1 hr 12 min

ORIGINAL MOVIE: Miracles come in small packages. The angel Celest enlists two sisters in her quest to earn her angel wings. In a race to Christmas Eve, can they bring faith and forgiveness to their town this year?

An Angelic Christmas
An Angelic Christmas


CastElizabeth Howlett, Alicia Fusting, Karen Abercrombie, Tori Gideon, Cameron Arnett, Candace Kirkpatrick, Tammy Tsai, London Shover, Sharonne Lanier, Georin Aquila, Deanna Sherman

WritingKaren Abercrombie, Tara Lynn Marcelle

Directed byJosh Menning

ProductionShawn Boskie, Karen Abercrombie, Josh Menning, Wende Whitus

NarratorCameron Arnett